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Skin Reset Trio

Skin Reset Trio

This three-step ritual sloughs away dry skin and dullness for a complete reset.


Trio includes:

- Dry Brush: use this tool to unclog pores.

- All Body Wash (1 oz.): a daily pH-balancing restorative oil wash that cleanses all bodies for hydrated, softer skin.

- Fur Oil (0.5 oz.): a quick-drying, non-staining oil that's safe for your most sensitive areas.


How to use: First, use the Dry Brush on dry skin. Start at your ankles, and work your way up toward your head. If you're dry brushing your legs and arms, use long strokes moving upward toward your heart. For your stomach, chest, and back, use circular motions. Use gently twice per week until your skin adjusts. As you build tolerance, use firmer pressure daily. Apply All Body Wash liberally onto wet skin—as you lather, the oil transforms into a velvety soft, milky wash. Once finished cleansing, rinse. Finally, apply a few drops of Fur Oil on any hair you want to soften and any skin you want to smooth and soothe, and rub in. It can be used anywhere from head to toe, including pubic area, underarms, chest, legs and face.

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